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Peppermint Tea Tree Bar

Peppermint Tea Tree Bar

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The Peppermint Tea Tree bar is sooo good. With the perfect blend of peppermint, tea tree and oats, your skin will be so grateful. This antibacterial bar will cleanse, moisturize, help with dryness/irritation while gently nourishing your skin.

The Peppermint Tea Tree Bar is perfect to give you a refreshing feeling during that time of the month <3

💚 may cause tingling/stimulating/cooling sensation in sensitive zones

ingredients: Aloe Vera Base, Olive Oil, Invigorating essential oil blend, Oats, Mica Powder 

Key features:

Refreshing Feeling


Moisturizing, Gentle Cleanse

Therapeutic Scent

- 3 oz Bar, Bar Color May Vary


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